About This Blog

TheFraudGuy.com provides information on anything and everything related to preventing, detecting and responding to fraud and misconduct.  Among the oldest blogs serving this field, TheFraudGuy.com has become a resource for anti-fraud and compliance & ethics professionals across a wide variety of industries and types of organizations, as well as those just interested in the topic of fraud.

John Hanson created this blog and began publishing it in March of 2009.  John is responsible for all content, unless otherwise noted, and all views expressed by John are his personal views and not the views of any organizations, committees, boards or other parties/entities with whom John may be associated with.

Legal Notice: The information in this blog is intended for educational, informational and public discussion purposes only.  John is not an attorney and, even if he were, no information in this blog should be considered in any way as legal advice.

Fraud is, by its nature and definition, hidden.  Accordingly, no information in this blog can be relied upon to prevent and/or detect fraud.

Copyright and Information Usage: TheFraudGuy.com All Rights Reserved.

No part of TheFraudGuy.com may be reprinted or re-used without the express written permission of John Hanson; however, “tweeting” and/or hyperlinking information from TheFraudGuy.com on social and/or business networking media (i.e. Linked-In, Facebook, etc.) is welcomed – even encouraged!


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