About The Fraud Guy

John “The Fraud Guy” Hanson has over 28 years of fraud investigations, forensic accounting, corporate compliance & ethics, and audit experience. John has applied his extensive experience in these areas across a wide array of areas and industries, frequently assisting counsel, government agencies and companies with internal corporate investigations and other matters arising from alleged fraud or misconduct.

John is a frequent speaker, writer and instructor on the topic of fraud and corporate compliance & ethics programs.  John has been interviewed by numerous media professionals, to include newspapers, professional blogs, television news and magazines.  He has trained FBI Agents, SEC Enforcement Examiners, Internal Auditors, Compliance & Ethics Professionals, Certified Fraud Examiners, Boards & Executive Management, and Accountants, among others.

In addition to his experience and knowledge on the topic of fraud, John is a thought leader and expert in the field of Independent Corporate Monitoring, a relatively new practice area involving the imposition of an independent third party by a government agency or other oversight organization (“Reporting Agency”) upon a corporation to verify that corporation’s compliance with the terms of a settlement agreement between the corporation and the Reporting Agency. Over the last seven years, John has been involved substantially in seven federal Corporate Monitorships.  Four of those as the named Independent Corporate Monitor, one as the leader of the Monitorship team, and two in support of the named Compliance Monitor.  The government agencies to whom John has reported include: the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Department of Interior (DOI), the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Federal Highways Administration, and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

His practical experience as a Corporate Monitor and extensive knowledge of the subject was recognized by the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section, which appointed him to the Ad-Hoc Task Force on Corporate Monitors in early 2010 and later, in November of 2012, to a more formal Task Force on Corporate Monitors, responsible for creating “best practices” and formal Standards for Corporate Monitors.  John is the only non-lawyer voting member on the Task Force and is a frequently sought speaker on the topic.  He has provided practical advice, ideas and strategies to lawyers, Reporting Agency officials, and corporate executives involved in such matters, as well as newly appointed Corporate Monitors.  John has also been interviewed by various news and/or media outlets about Corporate Monitors and is an “Expert Columnist” for Corporate Compliance Insights, where he occasionally contributes articles under the column heading of “Inside the Mind of a Corporate Monitor.”

John’s diverse corporate compliance & ethics, fraud investigations, audit, accounting, finance, legal, regulatory, business operations and management, internal controls, training, international, fraud risk & vulnerability, interviewing and quality control experience, combined with his multi-time actual service as a Corporate Monitor and passionate commitment to “best practices” in Monitorships, makes him an ideal candidate for Monitorships.  Moreover, John can provide several references from companies whom he has monitored.

Prior to Artifice, John spent over five years as a leader in the fraud investigations and forensic accounting practice of a large publicly traded international financial consulting firm, where he focused on helping companies and other entities prevent, detect, respond to and resolve issues associated with fraud, misconduct and/or questions of corporate integrity.  During his service with this consulting firm, John worked on many internal corporate investigations, where he often led the engagement teams and helped his clients and their counsel navigate the minefield of risks associated with such matters.

John was also a Special Agent with the FBI, where for nearly 10 years he specialized in White Collar Crime and investigated a wide variety of complex fraud schemes and financial crimes. For his last two years in the FBI, John served as a Supervisory Special Agent and Instructor at the FBI Academy, the premier law enforcement training Academy in the world, where he developed and implemented fraud and investigative training curriculum for New Agent Trainees and conducted advanced fraud related in‐service training for experienced FBI Agents.

Prior to the FBI, he spent five years as the Director of Internal Audit and Quality Control for a large privately held mortgage origination and servicing company.

John is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (LA), a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional.  He is also the Founder and President of the International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors.

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